2015 Victorian Championships

10 February 2015

Last weekend's sprint meet wrapped up the 2015 Victorian Championship series.

Over 120 MVC swimmers participated in the heats held on Saturday, between them contesting 330 individual events. Finals were held on Sunday with individual swims resulting in 11 Gold, 7 Silver and 10 Bronze medals for MVC.

Congratulations to coaches who prepared swimmers and to all team members on qualifying for the Championships.

Click here for full results 

Sprint Team *individual medallist

Alexandra Aanensen

Kirsten Arnold

Kala Bailey

Talia Banh

Isabelle Barwick

Molly Batchelor*

Amelia Beaton

Julia Boulanger

Charlize Buna

Mickayla Chapman

Indica Cohen

Jayde Cosford

Annie Cox

Ciara Craven

Karolina Czajkowski

Bethany Dalgleish*

Hannah Del-Re

Tarnee Dixon

Hana D'Rosario

Remy Duane

Piper Duane

Olivia Duke

Larissa Ekelmans

Isabel Ekelmans

Ola Evans

Ebony Faulkner

Linley Frame

Lucy George*

Teena Getulio

Taylah Gianakopoulos

Sarah Glewis

Delilah Goodwin

Aimee Green

Maya Hammam*

Sophie Hogan

Rebecca Holmes

Emma Kiley

Caitlin Lanigan

Kaitlyn Lee

Christina Licciardi*

Janelle Logan

Danielle Macaulay

Ella MacDonagh

Jordana Marks

Lucinda McGarrity

Lorelle McLeish

Tahlia Micallef

Jacqueline Monaghan

Jessica Norton

Natalie Nyaguy*

Brittany O'Brien

Ashleigh O'Brien

Ebony Panozzo

Illiana Papavasiliou

Daniella Poole

Alexis Rose

Tori Rusciano

Jackie Santi

Olivia Santospirito

Alyssa Seckinger-Crow

Freya Seckinger-Crow

Emily Seeley

Holly Sinclair

Jenna Strauch*

Kate Streeter

Charlotte Tarpey

Sorcha Taylor

Isabel Tolentino

Tess Tregear

Katerini Tsernotopoulos

Nicole Walsh

Li-Shan Wilcox

Rebekah Withers

Elyse Woods*

Olivia Wright

Elise Wright

Peter Brash-Narev

Daniel Cave*

Jesse Coulson

Joel Couturier 

Mitchell Davenport-Wright*

Gus Davidson

Alexander de Fina

William Drew

Lachlan Hayter

Jordan Hazan

David Hunter-Weild

Thomas Hunt-Smith

Harlan Judd

Jack Kelly

Harvey Larke

Nicholas Layton

Raymond Mak*

Lev Makurushkin

Jesse May

Connor McCrea

Kyle Micallef

Will Middleton

Henry Middleton

Oliver Nash*

Ryan Nolan

Nicholas O'Connor

Castan Racunica

Max Rechner Thomas

Kyle Rodger

James Romanin

Evan Ryland

Noah Ryland

John Santi

Oliver Scalzo

Joseph Sinclair

Cody Smith

Tommy Smith

Edward Speller

Layne Tankard

Sven Tonkin-Hill

Angus Verbeek*

Kaemon Wilcox

Luke Gebbie

Chris Tass-Parker



20 January 2015

The MVC Senior Team delivers a world record and 11 Victorian Champion Titles!

Congratulations to our senior team members who participated at the 2015 Victorian Open Championships held at MSAC 16-18 January. MVC was well represented in finals each evening and relay teams were also very successful with podium appearances in every relay event. The highlights of the weekend include Ahmed Kelly's world record breaking performance in the 100m breaststroke and the achievements of those MVC athletes who are now Victorian Champions:

Mack Horton 400 free & 800 free, Hayley Baker 50 back & 200 back,

Tanya Huebner 50 breast MC & 100 breast MC, 

Ashleigh McConnell 50 Back MC, Ahmed Kelly 100 breast MC,

Molly Batchelor 1500 free, Justin Woolley 200 breast, Kotuku Ngawati 200IM

The pointscore gradually added up over the three days, swimmers placed in the top 10 adding to the tally. Team member achievements saw MVC awarded the Fred Blunt trophy as champion club. 

Combined with the results from last month's Age Championships MVC is the premier 2015 Victorian club.

Swimming Victoria acknowledged Mack Horton Male, Ahmed Kelly Male MC Tanya Huebner Female MC as Swimmers of the Meet for their performances at the Championships.

Relay Medals 

MVC A Women's 4X100 free   GOLD Chrissy, Hayley, Sian, Koti
MVC A Women's 4X200 free     GOLD Molly, Sian, Hayley, Koti
MVC A Men's 4X200 free          GOLD Layne, Theo, Mitch, Mack
MVC A Women's 4X100medley  SILVER Hayley, Jenna, Chrissy, Koti
MVC A Men's 4X100 medley  SILVER Jack, Justin, Layne, Mack 
MVC A Mixed 4X50 free BRONZE   Layne, Jack Chrissy, Koti 
MVC A Mixed 4x50 medley  BRONZE Hayley, Justin, Chrissy, Layne 
MVC A Men's 4X100 free BRONZE Mack, Layne, Cody, Ray
MVC B Women's 4X200 free  BRONZE Chrissy, Rebecca, Lorelle, Natalie 


Click here for full results

MVC Senior Team * individual medallist

 Hayley Baker*  Kotuku Ngawati*  Jack Gerrard
 Molly Batchelor*  Natalie Nyaguy Bradley Graham
 India Biesse-Fitton  Ashleigh O'Brien Lachlan Hayter 
 Mickayla Chapman  Ebony Panozzo Jordan Hazan 
 Sophie Coltman  Tori Rusciano Chad Horton 
 Annie Cox  Jackie Santi Mack Horton* 
 Hannah Del-Re  Olivia Santospirito David Hunter-Weild
 Tarnee Dixon  Jenna Strauch* Thomas Hunt-Smith 
 Linley Frame  Maria Strong Ahmed Kelly* 
 Lucy George  Charlotte Tarpey Jack Kelly 
 Taylah Gianakopoulos  Hannah Thomas Anshul Kothari
 Maya Hammam  Isabel Tolentino Nicholas Layton
 Rebecca Holmes  Katerina Tsernotopoulos Raymond Mak
 Tanya Huebner*  Romy Walker Jesse May
 Katerina Kovalenko  Nicole Walsh Will Middleton
 Christina Li  Sian Whittaker* Oliver Nash
 Christina Licciardi  Li-Shan Wilcox Ryan Nolan
 Janelle Logan  Elise Wright Nicholas O'Connor
 Fernanda Lopez Garza  Olivia Wright James Romanin
 Danielle Macaulay   Lachlan Schwarz
 Ella MacDonagh  Andres Amezquita Cody Smith
 Ashleigh McConnell*  Theodoros Benehoutsos Layne Tankard
 Lorelle McLeish  Joel Couturier Chris Tass-Parker
 Jacqueline Monaghan  Mitch Davenport-Wright Angus Verbeek
 Emily Moreton  Robbe Dilissen Justin Woolley*
 Monique Murphy  Luke Gebbe  


19 December 2014

What a fantastic achievement!

Following six days of racing at the 2015 Victorian Age Championships MVC was awarded the Itoman Friendship Shield as winner of the point score and champion club.
The 8 member Itoman team also excelled to finish in sixth place.

There were many highlights during the competition and coaching staff are enormously proud of swimmers who all tried their very best. The huge number of pb's swum at the Championships shows just how much effort swimmers put in.

Relay teams were a display of the talent MVC has across all age groups and there were many medal winning performances.

Boys 18/Under 400m Freestyle GOLD  Boys 18/Under 400m Medley BRONZE
Girls 18/Under 400m Medley GOLD Girls 18/Under 400m Freestyle GOLD
Boys 16/Under 400m Medley  SILVER Boys 16/Under 400m Freestyle  SILVER 
Girls 16/Under 400m Medley GOLD Girls 16/Under 400m Freestyle GOLD
Boys 14/Under 200m Freestyle SILVER  Boys 14/Under 200m Medley BRONZE 
Girls 14/Under 200m Medley  GOLD Girls 14/Under 200m Freestyle GOLD
Girls 12/Under 200m Medley  GOLD Girls 12/Under 200m Freestyle GOLD
Boys 12/Under 200m Freestyle  SILVER    

Several swimmers were awarded as champion in their age group, amassing the highest indivdual points total.

11 Yrs/under Girls Ella MacDonagh 

13 Years       Girls Molly Batchelor   Boys Oliver Nash

16 Years       Boys Theodoros Benehoutsos 

17-18 Years  Girls Sian Whittaker    Boys Mack Horton 


Thank you for your contribution
This year we farewell from Victorian age group championship competition
Luke Gebbi, Mutsuko Hayashi, Rebecca Holmes,Mack Horton, Tori Rusciano & Layne Tankard . 

Click here for full results

Junior Team Members *individual medallist

Alexandra Aanensen Katerina  Kovalenko* Theodoros Benehoutsos*
Kirsten Arnold Caitlin Lanigan Daniel Cave*
Kala Bailey Kaitlyn Lee Jesse Coulson*
Talia Banh Christina Li Joel Couturier*
Isabelle Barwick* Janelle Logan* Hugo Denson
Molly Batchelor* Fernanda Lopez Garza Robbe Dilissen*
Amelia Beaton Ella MacDonagh* William Drew
Konstantina Benehoutsos Hannah Magasanik Sean Allen Gatt
Julia Boulanger Jordana Marks Luke Gebbie
Charlize Buna Lucinda McGarrity Jordan Hazan*
Jasmine Cash Tahlia Micallef Mack Horton*
Mickayla Chapman Tiarah Minns Chad Horton*
Indica Cohen Jacqueline Monaghan Lucas Hudson
Annie Cox* Clio Nash Thomas Hunt-Smith*
Natasha Crawley Jessica Norton Nicholas Layton
Karolina Czajkowski Natalie Nyaguy* Samson Magasanik
Bethany Dalgleish* Brittany O'Brien Lev Makurushkin
Hannah Del-Re Ashleigh O'Brien William Manolitsis
Tarnee Dixon Ebony Panozzo Kyle Micallef
Hana D'Rosario Gabriella Peiniger Will Middleton*
Piper Duane* Alexis Rose Henry Middleton
Olivia Duke Paige Ross Oliver Nash*
Isabel Ekelmans* Tori Rusciano Christian Petrevski
Larissa Ekelmans* Jackie Santi Castan Racunica
Ola Evans Olivia Santospirito Max Rechner Thomas
Christina Fallone Jenna Strauch* Ben Richter
Ebony Faulkner Kate Streeter Kyle Rodger
Olivia Franc Charlotte Tarpey Hudson Ross
Lucy George* Sorcha Taylor Noah Ryland
Teena Getulio Hannah Thomas John Santi
Taylah Gianakopoulos* Kiera Tonkin-Hill Lachlan Schwarz*
Sarah Glewis Grace Voigt Joseph Sinclair*
Delilah Goodwin Lucy Voigt Tommy Smith
Aimee Green Romy Walker Edward Speller
Maya Hammam* Holly Walters Layne Tankard*
Mutsuko Hayashi* Sian Whittaker* Jake Tonkin
Sophie Hogan Li-Shan Wilcox Sven Tonkin-Hill
Rebecca Holmes* Elyse Woods* Angus Verbeek*
Anna Hume Elise Wright  
  Olivia Wright



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Swimming Victoria and asctaVIC Awards 2018

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Junior swimmers produce big results!!!

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Time Keeping Roster for 2016 Victorian Age Short Course Championships

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The 2016 Annual General Meeting of Melbourne Vicentre Swimming Club is to take place Tuesday October 4, 2016 in the Indoor Marshal Room.

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2014 Australian Championship Competitions

Congratulations to our Senior and Junior teams on their performances at the 2014 Australian Swimming Championship and 2014 GHSF Australian Age Championships, both teams finishing third in the respective team point scores.

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